Prospection and Feasibility

EPH Engenharia aims to identify sites for hydroelectric use in order to develop business opportunities in the field of energy generation.


Our purpose is to be a reference for technical support for investors who already have identified locations for hydroelectric use, forming possible partnerships in the power generation business itself.


We work to bridge the gap between investors and the hydropower market by offering the complete end-to-end business solution.


EPH Engineering is based on its extensive expertise in engineering project development in the field of hydroelectric plants.


With highly qualified and experienced professionals in their fields, we add value to the assets at the end of each stage.


Our differential is to enable projects with the intention of making them feasible, because we have know-how in the preparation of Basic Projects and Executive Projects, and our desire is to continue with the investor in all phases.


Another objective of the company is the partnership in business of generation and commercialization of electricity, having as attractiveness factor a product already developed and its viability studied and demonstrated.


We word completely and linked to the objectives of our customers, be they prospecting and viability, projects, construction, generation and commercialization of electricity.

Dam Safety

The Brazilian Law No. 12.334 / 2010 established the National Dam Safety Policy (PNSB) and the dam classification system by risk category and associated potential damage, as well as the respective Dam Safety Plan.


Thus established, the need for preparation and delivery of said documents, which are the responsibility of the owner, and, according to Article 5, item II of said Law, will be “the entity that granted or authorized the use of hydraulic potential, when it is predominant use for hydroelectric generation purposes ”, the supervision of the safety of existing dams, based on the Safety Plan proposed by the entrepreneur and approved by it.


Fulfilling the request involves not only documentary information gathering activities, such as project study reports, executive projects, and others, but also an inspection of the structure and associated facilities, which should be performed by a multidisciplinary team.


The main activities to be developed are:

  • Dam Rating for Risk and Associated Damage

  • Dam Safety Plans

  • Regular and Special Dam Safety Inspections

  • Technical Opinions on Dam Safety;

  • Dam Stability Statement;

  • Instrumentation Analysis

  • Design, Operation, Inspection and Monitoring Manuals

  • Hypothetical Dam Breach Study and Flood Maps

  • Emergency Action Plans (PAE)



About Us

EPH Engineering is a Brazilian firm highly experienced in design, management and consultancy of engineering projects in the field of hydroelectric power generation, provided through innovative, cost-effective and safe solutions, according to the specific needs of each client.

In our various practice areas, we develop Prospecting Studies, Feasibility Studies, Basic Projects, Executive Projects, Inspections, Dam Safety Plans through a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience.

In addition to a qualified technical team, the use of disruptive technologies, such as the use of artificial intelligence and inspection drones, for example, allows inspections to be performed quickly, optimally and safely.



Basic Projects



Feasibility Studies


Executive Projects


Owner's Engineering


Inventory Studies


Dam Safety


- Hydroelectric Inventory Studies

- Feasibility Studies

- Basic and Executive Projects, CIVIL / ELECTRIC / MECHANICAL

- Structural Project

- Drainage Project

- Hydrological and Hydraulic Studies

- Studies for Definition of Energy Potential;

- Technical Specifications of Survey Services (Topography, Geological Investigations and Hydrometry);

- Civil and Electromechanical Technical Specifications

- Simplified Environmental Report - RAS

- Estimates of Costs / Budgets - OPE

- Technical Assistance to the Construction Works

- Project Management

- Owner’s Engineering

- Dam Safety Plan

- Emergency Action Plan

- Building and Dam Inspection



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